Buy Retail/Preferred

Plexus gives customers the opportunity to purchase products Retail or as a Preferred customer as well as Wholesale (for information about the business opportunity click here).

The Retail option is a one-time, non-recurring order.  This option is often picked when one wants to try the products without committing to an automatic payment deduction.

The Preferred Customer option gives one a discount for ordering products on a monthly recurring automatic ship cycle.  As a Preferred Customer, you may cancel your monthly auto ship options at any time 15 days after your initial purchase.  Preferred Customer’s product shipment dates are scheduled for the same day of their initial order in each subsequent month.

There is a substantial discount of 10% off the price of Plexus products as a Preferred Customer.  After receiving shipments for 3 months, Preferred Customers will then receive an additional 10% off future purchases.


(Pricing & Info Option)

Or for questions about Retail, Preferred Customer, or Wholesale Pricing contact me here!

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